Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear to my acupuncture treatment?

It is best to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and avoid tight fitting pants or tops. Choose clothing that allows for breathability and airflow in order to feel the most comfortable during and after the treatment.

Can/should I eat before the treatment?

Yes, it is best to eat something light – fruit, or another a light snack—an hour or so before the treatment. Avoid eating a heavy meal right before, and stay clear of coffee or other caffeinated beverages before going to receive a treatment

Acupuncture and My Current Healthcare

Do I need to tell my doctor?
You should advise your healthcare provider that you are receiving acupuncture, particularly if you are being supervised by a physician or practitioner for any medical or health condition. It is good for them to know of additional therapies/treatments you are receiving in addition to your current medication and/or therapy.

Can I still take my medication if I start acupuncture?
You do not need to stop taking any medication in order to receive acupuncture. If you are currently taking any medication, please bring the information with you to inform Zoe of the medication and its side effects.

Since I started acupuncture, I’ve stopped feeling like I need my medication, or find I need less of it. Is this normal?
Yes. After receiving acupuncture for some time, and depending on the medical condition, many people find they no longer need their current dosage of medication, or may even feel able to stop taking the medication altogether, depending on the condition and the prescribed medication. You should always talk with your physician before stopping any medication. As you become more consciously empowered through your body’s healing process and more attuned to your body’s intelligent energetic system, you may find your tolerance to and reliance upon medication changes. For example, if you have always taken a sleeping pill in order to fall asleep, you may find after receiving acupuncture treatments you no longer need the pill in order to sleep.

About Acupuncture Treatments

Does it hurt?
Many people are repelled by the thought of having acupuncture because they fear it will hurt. It doesn’t! When the needles, which are miniscule and incredibly fine, penetrate the skin, oftentimes the receiver does not even notice. The needles are as thin as a few hairs on the head and do not resemble the sensation of having an injection in the slightest. The most acute sensation you may experience when the acupuncture needles are being applied is similar to a tiny pinch, which does not cause pain but simply sensation. Many do not even notice.

Once the needles are in the body, the sensation experienced may be like one you’ve never had before, and varies for each person. You may feel a tingling, a dull ache, a mild numbness, or simply relaxation at different places in the body. All of these felt sensations are completely normal, healthy and to be expected. In these moments, the body is activating De Qi, or the energy flow arriving o the specific meridian points, which are then transmitted to the organ centers and communicated to other energy centers in the body through the meridian channels. The result sensation is one of calmness and tranquility.

Will I fall asleep? What will that be like?
During an acupuncture session many people fall into a state of deep relaxation and drift off into a conscious, waking sleep, which is the place where the deepest rest, restoration and healing occurs. In this state, healing arrives in the form of physical release as well as deep insight and awareness, like a light shining on the areas of one’s life where imbalance lies. You may wake from this state with a greater capacity to apply the presence, insight and perspective you have experienced in this healing state into your daily life, relationships and everyday encounters.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends entirely upon you, your condition, and your health goals.
For acute (i.e. recent or sudden) conditions, such as a pulled muscle, 1-3 treatments may be sufficient. For chronic (i.e. longer, more consistent) conditions, such as insomnia or anxiety, it is advised to have a course of treatments, which consists of ten treatments.

Zoe will work with you to determine a treatment plan during your first consultation, which you will revisit during the third session. This length of time allows both you and Zoe to assess how your treatments are moving , how your body is responding and make any adjustments needed to chart a continued plan that facilitates your body’s highest healing, balance and rejuvenation.

Who Can Receive Acupuncture?

Can pregnant women have acupuncture?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, acupuncture is highly advisable for pregnant women, as it helps prevent miscarriage, and remediates many of the symptoms pregnant women experience including morning sickness. In specific cases, contraindications may be present that would effect a treatment plan. Please consult your doctor and/or midwife before commending treatment.

Can children have acupuncture?
Yes! Acupuncture is completely child-safe. Children may feel intimidated by the needles so a simple treatment method will be used to decrease a child’s fear. Alternatively, acupressure or laser acupuncture (non-invasive), may be applied instead of needles.

Can acupuncture be used to treat patients with cancer?
Yes and no.

Depending upon the stage and type of cancer, acupuncture can be a very effective alternative treatment to help manage discomfort, ease fear, and increase relaxation. It can also be used in conjunction with chemotherapy, with guidance and consent of your physician. However, during the active stages of cancer, acupuncture is not advised, as it will increase cell production which would adversely impact cancer progression. If you are unsure of whether or not acupuncture is right for you at this stage, talk with your physician and request a free consultation with Zoe to discuss your health and treatment options.

After a Treatment

Do I need to do anything special after the treatment?
After a treatment you can continue your day as normal. If possible, it is optimal to make some space for relaxation and integration after the treatment, but it is not required.

What happens after a treatment in my body?
Most people feel lingering relaxation and the presence of calm flowing through their bodies after acupuncture treatment. The treatment will continue to work through the body long after the needles have been removed. Sometimes effects are immediate and sometimes they occur overnight, when the body has its longest rest and integration of the day’s activity. You may notice subtle positive changes occurring in your body and in the rhythms of your daily life after a session. For example, you may find you sleep more deeply and easily, digest your food more easily, and feel more energised. All of these are effects produced from the holistic treatment acupuncture provides to your entire system through replenishment and nourishment.