Simplify Your Life. Learn to Flow & Let Go of Everything That is Holding You Back.

There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine “where there is free flow, there is no pain or disease. Where there is pain or disease, there is no free flow”. Think of your inner workings as flows of energy, running through you like water in a stream – but when this energy is weak or overabundant, your channels (or streams) can be full or blocked, creating a back-log, stress and stagnation.

Your different emotions store in your different organs, the pressure building like in the walls of a dam. Breaking Free (or letting go) is about breaking through your blocks, allowing your energy to flow freely again, unleashing your creative potential, feeling light and revitalised.

We bring together our most powerful team yet for a carefully curated 6 days (5 nights) in our exclusive Bali Sanctuary. You will come face-to-face with your personal blocks as we guide you on your journey towards thinking and moving freely again. Harness all your creativity and unleash your power toward making permanent shifts in your lifestyle.

My Chi Journey

Zoe will be teaching White Tiger Qi Gong on My Chi Journey in Bali

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