The Frequency machine generates electromagnetic frequencies specifically targeted to deactivate harmful toxins on the body. This machine is a very effective and sophisticated method to detoxify the body.

It is both a new modern medicine revelation, and also something that the Chinese have been using for centuries in their medicine system.

This understanding that we are electric beings, connected to the electric magnetic frequencies of the earth and universe. Seeing humans as the micro-cosmism of the macro-cosmism. This electric can be explained by the concept of Qi. These frequencies are seen to run through the meridian system, /and the fascia system. All is connected and one of the same thing just different ways of describing these concepts and different ways to interact and adjust them.


These currents will aid a general detoxification of the body. The machine has a selection of 450 auto-codes all targeting aliments and diseases from acne, headaches, stiff muscles, allergies, parasites some more serious dis-eases and also aiding detoxification.

A code will be selected depending on the presenting condition, imbalance, dis-ease. The two steel cylinders will then be held in your hands or attach the electro pads to your arms or legs.

During a massage treatment using the coded frequencies for a greater level of healing -the patient holds onto one of the hand cylinders or uses one of the foot plates, the practitioner does the same that is holds onto one of the hand cylinders or uses one of the foot plates.

Now when the practitioner touches the patient with their finger tips the frequencies are conveyed. This is very effective way of getting the frequencies to the right area. Very effective for working through tight stubborn knots in the muscles, or working on an old injury and detoxing the organs targeted.