What Is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong, the Chinese name for “internal energy exercise,” consists of a series of slow, low-impact, movements that restore balance, prevent and eliminate dis-ease and promote the harmonic flow of Qi throughout the physical and energetic body. Qi Gong is a self-practice central to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qi Gong exercises are practiced in three progressive stages which are systemically designed to improve a person’s overall health, vitality and felt sense of equilibrium. The exercises work on a physical level to heal illness and injury in the body and move gradually to develop the powers of the mind by honing concentration, increasing focus and sharpening mental acuity.  


Like acupuncture, Qi Gong works with the body’s vital energy through the meridian points, moving through the outer meridians into the core channels to release pain, imbalance and disease. Qi Gong offers an accessible, effective way to systemically balance energy and support sustained overall health.
The ancient masters have always known that a dedicated practice is the key to longevity, preserved health and well-being. To have a strong and flexible body and spirit you must cultivation it with daily practices, Qi Gong is the perfect practice for a lifetime as its teachings are infinite. You don’t need any special equipment, outside in nature is the best place to practice to gain positive effects from the nature as you practice.

Zoe’s Qi Gong Offerings

Drawing from her rich knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zoe brings a playful blend of theoretical wisdom and embodied technique to her Qi Gong classes. She creates a solid container for her students to learn, explore and discover the deeper concepts and purposes behind each movement through a first-hand, felt-sense encounter.

Gain technique and experience the fluidity of rhythmic movement. Private and semi-private classes available for groups and individuals.

Zoe completed her studies in Five Element and Bagua Qi Gong with White Tiger Qi Gong in Bali.

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