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Traditional Chinese Medicine—A Wellspring of Wisdom
In the world of holistic health, as in life, everything is intricately connected. Study in the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the power to illuminate the profound intelligence that operates within the body and governs all natural systems. Growing to understand the philosophies and core principals of TCM is like unearthing a wellspring of ancient and powerful wisdom that can be embodied and applied to daily life.
Zoe is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise in TCM with students of all backgrounds and trajectories, specifically with those interested in pursuing a path of holistic wellbeing, including healthcare practitioners, yoga teachers, energy workers, movement artists and anyone seeking an embodied, whole understanding of health and balance. Zoe’s teachings provide a powerful container for individuals and groups to deepen their understanding of the intricate links between body, mind and spirit through the lens of Chinese Medicine. She offers practical, tangible tools for students to apply this ancient wisdom through the disciplines of yoga, movement and the art of everyday living.

Zoe’s Teaching Curriculum
In her classes, Zoe helps students unpack the complex, yet profoundly simple, tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine in an approachable and engaging way.
Her curriculum covers a range of topics in the philosophy and techniques of TCM, including an in-depth study of the meridian system, acupuncture points, yin and yang, the five elements, the three treasures, and of course Taoism. One of the topics she most loves sharing with students is the intimate relationship between the ZangFu—the yin and yang organ pairs—and the emotional body. Over the years of exploring and teaching this principal, she has witnessed incredible healing and transformation, and continually receives a deep gratitude from students who share that this key has helped them reach new levels of insight into the often illusive world of the emotions.
A wellspring of wisdom comes through the Taoism teachings, the ancient, profound philosophy that is still relevant today and allows us to reach greater insight into the greater meaning of this universal existence.
Zoe’s engaging classes encourage students to become vessels for life to co-create with and through by consciously activating and opening the meridian pathways. She gives her students tangible ways to incorporate simple TCM practices, like Qi Gong and ZangFu-inspired Yoga, into their daily routines and teaching toolboxes.
Her highest intention as a teacher is to be a clear conduit through which the ancient wisdom of TCM that has been used for centuries to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body, can reach others today and inspire healing, transformation and harmony.