This is a guided self care practice using tennis balls on trigger points to relieve myo-fascial (muscular and fascial) knots and tensions.

Tennis balls are so versatile can really get into very specific trigger points in the body, allowing a deep release of the fascia tissues. They massage tight areas of the body to achieve a release by you, applying just the right amount of pressure, for you.

Zoe will gently yet expertly guide you through a deep practice of using the balls along the meridians to release certain acupressure points, as you melt and dissolve these knots and tensions, Zoe will enhance the practice by sharing the wisdom of Chinese medicine as you work which deepens the experience by understanding of the benefit of the practice.

This self-massage is a particularly effective and satisfying treatment as you can determine exactly the right location of the tightness, how much pressure to use, and how long you need to hold the pressure for, as you become your own masseuse, giving you the tools to continue a trigger point self care practice at home after the guided session is complete.


This practice can be a full session by itself or also included into a yin yoga class, incorporating some gentle stretching of the fascia tissues as well which benefit the release of the tension done by the ball therapy.


This practice helps to relieve physical tensions from our body, however the real magic of this practice can come with the emotional tension that can be released, as we let go of the physical holding and tightness in the fascia tissues, the nervous system relaxes, and goes into the ‘rest and digest’ mode, into the para- sympathetic nervous system, and it is here that we can begin to let go of emotional tightness we are holding on to, finding delicious ‘ahhh’ moments of relaxation that have the benefit of helping reduce symptoms of qi stagnation such as stress, anxiety and depression.


Once we connect to that deeper side of ourselves and consciously relax into the space we are holding tension, we create space for new energy to emerge, replenishing us with vitally, and a sense of renewed emotional balance that then enhances our health and our lives.