Zoe was an integral support during my pregnancy and postpartum.
I really valued her deep knowledge and grounded personality. I feel I couldn’t have done it without her.

Mesi Toth

Mother and Yoga Instructor, Radiantly Alive, Ubud

Thanks to Zoe I can sleep at night. Thanks to her I can feel nourished and supported, in hard times and on a regular basis.

Her treatments combine both her immense knowledge of TCM, Buddhist philosophy and other eastern practices, together with her loving heart and fullness presence. This is a rear combination and I’m lucky to have met Zoe.

I immediately felt I can open my heart and soul to her. I cried and I laughed, and she’s been there for me in the past few years, keeping me sane, healthy and functional through some of the most challenging times of my life.


Mother and Yoga Instructor. , Noga Yoga

Working with Zoe is so supportive, comfortable, and expansive. From the moment I first sat with her, it was easy to immediately feel her wisdom, experience, and intuition as she deeply listened and tuned in with exactly what I needed for my treatment.  Besides having incredible precision with her acupuncture needles and other tools, she also creates a perfect meditative space so that I can fully receive this physical and energetic shift.  I have felt a profound shift in my health and well being in just a few sessions with Zoe and am so excited to be continuing to go to her for sessions to upkeep and enliven my general health.  Thanks Zoe <3



Zoe is one of our volunteers who really supports the vision we have in connecting healthcare to communities in rural areas of Nepal. She is passionate about her work as a healthcare provider and in educating others. We are very thankful for the commitment and enthusiasm she brings to our project, and we sincerely look forward to seeing her again in Nepal.

Tsering Sangpo Sherpa

Project co-ordinator, Nepal Liaison , Acupuncture Relief Project

Zoe is a beautiful Human Being who possess a great depth of knowledge and compassion.  I have not known her long but instantly recognized her warmth and generosity her patience and empathy in her guidance of and around her topic of  expertise.  Thank you Zoe for your sweet companionship on a male dominated journey.

I wish you every success and it is truly an honour to know you. Sending love.

Julie Barrie


Zoe is such a gifted and compassionate practitioner! On our first appointment together, she calmed me with her loving presence and then worked super gently with me and even with just a handful of needles shifted my physical and emotional state completely. I did one more treatment with her a few days later to help address this particular issue and have no doubt that her work helped me out of this difficult time.

What is so incredible about Zoe is that she is so tuned into both the physical and emotional components of Chinese medicine and Integrates them seamlessly in her treatments. She is absolutely my favorite acupuncturist to work with, and her heart of gold, ability to listen to your needs, and calming presence are unparalleled. Cannot recommend her enough. And an amazing human being on top of all this, so it’s a pure joy to be treated by her.

Mona Motwani


Zoe is a very knowledgeable therapist. She combines intuition with a diversity of manual therapies in her healing sessions.

Her teachings on TCM and Yin yoga are very unique. She is natural, real, fun and very charismatic with students which makes her teachings to become a transmission for anyone who sits in front her.

I love work with this gorgeous woman! <3

Beta Lisboa

Beta Lisboa Yoga